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      One single flaw is enough to change a "superior" product to "rejected" . That's the reason why application of protective film on stainless steel, aluminum, pre-coated metal, plastic sheet and profile, ceramic, carpet, decorative laminates, glass ... is popular all over the world.

      Wuxi Qida Tape Co., Ltd is a factory specialized in the developing, producing and marketing protective film. Our Polyethylene film can protect numerous products to avoid scratch, mark, damage and dirt at the process of bending, pressing, roll forming, transportation and installation etc. The protective film can be easily applied and removed, leaving no residue glue on the surface of the protected products. Thus with the protection of the PE film, people can enhance the market competition of their valued products!

      As one of the leading manufacturers of temporary surface protection film in China, we imported state-of-the-art equipments from Taiwan and certified by ISO 9001 system. In addition, we employ many experienced technicians and establish close relationship with several research and development institutes.

      Through continuous technical innovation and strict quality control standard, our products are available all over China and we have been exporting to Europe, Middle East, America, Australia, Japan etc. since 1999. With superior quality, competitive prices and perfect after-sales services, we can always guarantee your full satisfaction in working with us!

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